What is INDERMIL® Flexifuze™?

INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ is a ready-to-use, fast-setting cyanoacrylate-based product, which closes minor skin wounds without the need for stitches. It is rapid setting, long lasting and is a non-invasive solution for minor skin injuries. INDERMIL® flexifuze™ has many benefits, including how convenient it is for both administrators and patients.

INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ is the next generation tissue adhesive

Why Choose INDERMIL® Flexifuze™?


Lowers Risk of Infection

INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ creates a film, helping to protect the wound from microbial penetration, helping to minimise the risk of infection for patients. It also prevents readmissions from cracking and therefore stops infections getting into the wound site.

Quick and Convienant

INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ seals the skin within thirty seconds of being applied. It is also showerproof, allowing patients to shower with immediate effect, just thirty seconds after administration.

Easy Storage

The adhesive can be stored at room temperature (4-30˚c) and therefore, does not need to be refrigerated allowing maximum storage benefits.

Using the tissue adhesive also cuts out patients needing return trips to Hospitals or GP’s to remove skin staples or sutures” 

Why Choose INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ over Traditional Wound Closure Methods:


  • Good flow control:INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ uses a patented brush applicator and has a clog free tip which provides a broad stroke for optimal wound coverage
  •  It can be used for an extended period of time (20 minutes) allowing for multiple uses on a single patient
  • Improved patient comfort:INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ generates no discernible heat on application
  • It comes in a clear device: Providing user with full visibility during use and has a large unit volume of 0.75g per device
  • Non-coloured adhesive: No possibility of tattooing the patient’s skins
  • No sharps are used
  • No anaesthetic is required (A&E)
  • Haemostatic properties
  • Minimal trauma to tissue
  • Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives act as a barrier to microbial penetration
  • There is no additional pain to patient
  • A quick turnaround of patients is ensured due to the fast effectiveness of the adhesive
  • INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ minimises scarring
  • No return to hospital or practices is need for suture or staple removal.

The surface of the wound which has been closed using INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ tissue adhesive will look different to a wound, which has been closed by conventional stitches.

Patient Advice

The surface of the wound which has been closed using INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ tissue adhesive will look different to a wound which has been closed by conventional stitches. This is because the adhesive has been applied to the surface of the skin and may take on an irregular crinkled appearance, this is quite normal and will not affect the function of the adhesive. The overall appearance can best be described as resembling a dry scab and should be treated like a scab – do not pick at it! INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ is shower-proof, enabling patients to shower as soon as the adhesive has dried. However, avoid scrubbing the wound site. Do not apply any medications or cream to the wound and do not pull or pick at the wound or bandage. Report any discomfort or other concerns regarding your wound to your doctor. The adhesive will come away from the skin of its own accord within about five to eight days, just like a normal scab. By this time the wound should be sufficiently healed.  There is no need to seek further medical assistance unless you are unhappy with your wound. The scarring will take approximately six months to fade.

Talk to your care provider about using INDERMIL® flexifuze™ today.




  • No need to refrigerate
  • Showerproof
  • Ready-to-use and quick acting
  • Prevents Infection
  • Needle free
INDERMIL® flexifuze™ Supporting Documentation
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Why Choose INDERMIL® flexifuze™?

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INDERMIL Flexifuze is a clear device, providing user with full visibility during use
INDERMIL Flexifuze is a non-coloured adhesive meaning no possibility of tattooing the patient’s skin
INDERMIL Flexifuze minimises scarring
INDERMIL Flexifuze ensures that no return visit is needed for suture or staple removal
INDERMIL Flexifuze ensures that no anaesthetic is required.

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