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Being a homecare patient can sometimes seem overwhelming, with a lot to take in and understand. Vygon Homecare offers innovative products designed to help you, the patient, take control of your own care.

I’m a patient on home infusion and I loved the green caps the hospital used while I was there…I actually felt safe that there was protection on the end of my PICC line while I was going about my day. — Delores (Patient)*

I am a current leukaemia patient and we are using [Curos]. I feel that the cap will improve my safety at home while continuing with chemo.  — Anthony (Patient)*

My daughter has a PICC line, and I use these caps at work and wanted to use them at home as well.
— Jessica (Mother)*

My son was dismissed from the hospital with an IV port. They used the Curos caps. I think that the caps are the most effective way to keep out germs. —  – Sally (Mother)*

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